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deeznutz1969 in i_man_vs

HiRez Photos

well Ifound my favorite show aagain THANK you Hulu

but having returned to my site where I posted a great deal of the scripts (yes it is I Nightshade) I found that all the photos are gone OH NOEs and am now in the mood to make a few wallpapers of our dear team.
So my question is does anyone know where to get high rez photos of the show or have links to site still up as all my links are dead.

PS yes I will post the wallpapers I always post my wallpapers.. which reminds me I have to post one later tonight


The Quicksilver Library over at the VS site has some. Sadly, I've been a lazy-ass and only uploaded a tiny portion of the pics I have.

I must needs get motivated and upload them, if only for posterity.
here there be Wallpaper


BTW can you post a link?