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lon_dubh in i_man_vs

So, anyone interested in weekly rewatches?

Yes, I'm trying to encourage some enthusiasm in this fandom.  Shoot, I'm still hopelessly obsessed after a decade, so I'm certain others are as well.

So, I was thinking we might all get together and watch eps and chat about them. A fair number of us have at least season 1 on DVD and Hulu has both seasons available for free, so there's no real excuse not to do so.

You can reply here, or over at the I-Man VS FB page.

Remember, June 9th is the anniversary of the airing of the Pilot.  Yes, I think that deserves celebrating.


Oooo. I never sign up for rewatches because I inevitably punk out halfway through.

However. This sounds AWESOME. I miss I-Man a lot. Also, I need to see if I can get my fiance to watch it. :)

Consider me an interested maybe. (And thank you for the FB link! How did I not realize we had an FB group?)
The FB page hasn't been around all that long and only a small group of us play over there. I do try to post something every day, which is more than I manage elsewhere about the 'net, obviously.

Who knows, if this works, maybe an I-Man themed con won't be far behind.
I'm with you two! I'd love to rewatch--I enjoy rehashing. Can't always do it on the right day, but I do try to get to a weekly ep.

I'm in.