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Anyone for reruns?

So, what with the whole ereader craze going on (I am guilty of owning a nook), I've converted the VS3, all 22 eps, into epubs (nook specific, but they should work on others), for anyone interested in copies.

If you want a different format, including the generic PDF, just let me know and I'll get them converted ASAP.

I have not yet put them anywhere except for the VS site, I wanted to gauge interest first.

Drop me a line here or at my LJ email.
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Hello! I got a hankering for some I-man and have been trawling the internet looking for... fic. I was wondering if your stuff was online somewhere, or if PDFs were easily available. thanks!
So far I've only uploaded them to the VS YahooGroup, but... give me a couple days and I should be able to magically produce a link for season 3 at least.
Aah - if you could point me to the yahoo group I could just join up and download!
Ah... actually they're all .epubs configured for the Nook. They may work on other readers, but I can't make any promises as to what they'll look like.

Still interested?